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Newborn Photography Utah - Tanya Hovey Photography

Newborn photography black - white by Tanya Hovey Photography. Beautiful newborn portraits in black & white, and sepia styles.

There is a total enjoyment to just sit, hold, and watch your sleeping baby at this age. We marvel at how tiny they are. This is a fun age to take a close up newborn photography Utah portrait of their little faces while they are sleeping. Or having Mom or Dad leaning down kissing their head, showing the love between the two of you. If lucky, we might even catch a tired yawn. When awake, your newborn prefers to see your face rather than anything else. A wonderful story of life unfolds as tiny feet are securely held in Mom or Dad's hands: soft skin contrasting rough, tiny contrasting big, and innocence contrasting wisdom and experience. At Tanya Hovey Photography we specialize in newborn photography Utah.